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Seidenglanz premium

Seidenglanz premium

• Silk-glossy latex paint with very good hiding power in premium quality
• High degree of whiteness
• Very resistant, ideal for use for highly stressed areas, e.g. stairway, kitchen, surgeries, hospitals
• Fine and homogeneous structure for very smooth surfaces
• Keeps structure
• Due to structure retaining characteristics perfect for use on structured undergrounds such as glass fabrics
• Excellent application characteristics
• Gloss- and UV stable
• For exterior and interior use
• Free of solvents and harmful emissions
• Resistant to water based cleaners and disinfectants (Test certificate available upon request)

DIN EN 13300:

•Contrast ratio: hiding power class 1 at a spreading rate of 165 ml/m²
•Wet scrub resistance: class 1
•Gloss level: meduim gloss


spreading rate: approx. 140 ml/m²
packaging: 12.5 l / 5 l
packs per Euro pallet: 32 / 72


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